Thursday, 8 December 2011

Its a hard time.. Its hurts..

Assalamualaikumm.. vanakem..

Siyesly dis is hard time to me.. very hard, i feel im drowning. Not all happen like we plan rite.. And not all peeps think like us, just like in ur mind is also in her mind.. Thats no bebeh nope..

Im must sabar and always thanks Allah what i have around me.. Frens always supporting me, he also always support and helping me even if i dun have enough money.. hehe.. Tapi ganti balik ok.. heeee.. Even i stress or mess.. He try to make me laugh and important is, he want see me smile and said im ok and happy..

Im smiling, no its fake..

Thanks Ya Allah!! He very very very special gift that you give to me.. Even Allah give me hard time, Allah give me a rainbow for cheers me up!! InsyAllah i can get thru dis.. Aminn ya Allah..

Thanks for reading ♥ =)

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